HPL and Panel Thickness

In order for us to provide you with a panel that fits properly and is level with your existing panels, Pro Access will need the Total HPL and Panel Thickness of your existing Raised Access Flooring Panels.  Please provide Pro Access with this measurements or a close up pictures (see example below) of the side of your access floor panel with tape measure or ruler placed top to bottom allowing us to see the measurements of the panel. Pro Access will need the Total HPL and Panel Thickness of your existing Raised Access Flooring Panels.

HPL AND PANEL THICKNESS: A majority of the raised floor panels have a HPL (HIgh Pressure Laminate) surface. Measuring the HPL and Panel thickness is best accomplished with a cut access panel. In most cases HPL will be 1/16" or 1/8" thick. The HPL surface is usually adhered to a backing (usually black or brown in color). We need the measurement of both the HPL Sheet and the backing that is glued to the top metal surface of the panel. Some spare change is good tool for HPL measurement. If it is a similar thickness to a nickel it is 1/16" and a thickness similar to (2) nickels is 1/8". Providing Pro Access with a clear and close up photo with a tape measure or ruler reference (like displayed to the left) can greatly assist us in obtaining these measurements and finding the perfect match.

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In most cases Pro Access can properly identify your existing raised floor with photos and will provide you with a sample access floor panel to allow you to confirm the fit and color of the raised panel before shipping your complete order. In some cases we may request that you send Pro Access a sample of your raised floor.

As soon as we receive you information a Pro Access representative will follow up with you within 1 business day. If you have any questions please contact us at 858-566-9000.

**** Pro Access requires a minimum order of 25 panels (1 Pallet)

Thank you for your interest in Pro Access Floors Access Floor Replacement Panel Services!