Pro Access Raised Flooring Systems

The modern workplace environment is constantly evolving and must keep up with the demands for increasing modularity and rapid reconfiguration with minimal disruption. Raised Flooring Systems have become a key component in delivering this flexibility to facilities management. Fast, under floor cable management changes allow workstations, computer equipment or entire office spaces to be quickly relocated or reconfigured without incurring significant downtime.

Pro Access provides a full line of high-quality New Raised Floor System products. Pro Access Raised Floor Systems are an integral part of making the modern workplace environment more economical, flexible, efficient and intelligent.

Pro Access Raised Floor Systems

Raised Floor Systems

Pro Access Raised Floor System panels are manufactured to a high quality specification using rigidly applied production procedures and are tested to CISCA standards. Pro Access access floor systems are interchangeable with most Raised Access Floors.

Our Raised Floor System is suitable for a wide range of applications. Panels are available in 1,250, 1,500, and 2,000 pound concentrated load ratings for different facility requirements. Pro Access flooring systems provide superior rolling load characteristics and a unique combination of strength and affordability.

Pro Access offers a complete line of Raised Floor Systems including Concrete, Hollow Steel, Wood Core, and Aluminum.

General Office Systems

General Office Systems

Pro Access Floors Raised Floor Systems are available with a bare steel painted finish that is suitable for carpet installation in general office applications. Panels are supported by either a corner lock understructure or a bolted stringer system which can accommodate floor heights as low as 3 inches.

Raised Fllor Airflow Solutions

Kill Hot Spots with Perforated Panels and the new state of the art High Output Airflow Panels. These Access Floor replacement panels provide up to 55% airflow and the flexibility of interchanging raised floor panels between different raised floor systems with a NEW universal leveling system built into each panel. Obsolescence is no longer a concern when manufacturers change product design or discontinue production.

Perforated Panels