Talk with a Raised Floor expert. Our professionals offer over 35 years of experience and a wide knowledge of every phase of Access Flooring. We will discuss your project with you, identify your needs and introduce the products, services and solutions that will most economically suit your specific job application. Some of the areas that Pro Access Floors can assist you with are:

New Installations New Installations

Raised Floor Room layout, blueprints, cad drawings
Identifying the best products for your Access Floor installation
New Raised Flooring vs. Used Raised Flooring
Adhering to local code
Access Floor Structural code and concerns
Raised Floor Hot Spots and cooling
Raised Flooring Add-ons - Ramps, steps, railings, ect.
Locating and identifying competent Access Flooring installers
Data Center Environmentals (Power, AC, Generators, Fire Suppression, ect.)

Existing Raised Floor Installations Existing Raised Floor Installations

Access Floor Hot Spots and cooling
Access Floor Upgrades
Raised Floor Maintenance, Repair, Cleaning
Raised Flooring Add-ons - Ramps, steps, railings, ect.

Data Center Closures Data Center Closures - Removal of Flooring

Raised Floor Consulting fees start at $200/hour (Minimum 1 hour) depending on the Access Floor applications and consulting services needed.

For more information on our Raised Flooring Consulting Services contact us at 858-566-9000 or submit our
Raised Floor Consultation Inquiry Form.