To maximize your investment in your Raised Floor, regular maintenance is a must. All raised floors require preventative maintenance to insure safe operating conditions for equipment and personnel. Listed below are the requirements for proper raised access floor maintenance and care:

Structural Maintenance:
  1. Have floor inspected yearly by a qualified Raised Floor Technician.
  2. Rotate panels at least twice a year between high and low traffic areas.
  3. Adjust floor understucture once a year to correct structural problems and maintain manufactures specifications.
  4. Replace any missing components as needed, such as edge trim, grounding clips, stringers, and pedestal and stringer gaskets.
  5. Replace delaminated and warped panels immediately.

Cleaning and Care:

  1. Dust mop or vacuum floor daily.
  2. Damp-mop with warm water and mild multipurpose ammoniated floor cleaner. DO NOT use strong solvents, abrasives or scrapers to remove stains.
  3. Have surface professionally cleaned by professional raised floor maintenance company once a year.
  4. Vacuum understructure and sub floor at least once a year.
  5. Clean air flow and perforated panels twice a year.
  6. DO NOT use wax seal on laminate surface.
  7. DO NOT Flood with liquid, or use anything other than a damp mop. Large amounts of water can weaken adhesive and cause de-lamination.
  8. Vacuum carpet panels twice a week with a vacuum equipped with a static dissipating rod.
  9. Clean carpet panels with dry foam or dry powders at least twice yearly by extraction.
  10. Install mats or runners in high traffic areas to prevent dirt and debris from entering the access floor environment.


  1. Room Tempatures between 40° and 85° degrees.
  2. Room Humidity between 40% to 70%.