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If you need to keep an environment as clean as possible, an aluminum raised floor from Pro Access Floors is the perfect solution. These flooring systems provide up to two feet of concealed space in your high-tech facility rooms to stow cables, wires, pipes, and ducting away from view and out of the way.

Why Install an Aluminum Raised Floor System?

Aluminum access floors have strong tiles that offer unique advantages. They remove trip hazards, are easy to clean, and make it easier to maintain your facility. These panels are non-magnetic and suitable for use around medical and other equipment without causing interference. Aluminum panels are also very lightweight, making it easy for staff and employees to move them.

Our Aluminum Raised Floor Systems are simple to remove and replace when you need access, and easy to reconfigure when you want to change the design. These panels are the preferred solution to get the advantages of a raised floor while maintaining the ultra-clean environment demanded by your industry. 


An aluminum raised floor is suitable for equipment rooms and high-traffic areas. Each 24" x 24" panel delivers an impressive 4,000 pounds of ultimate load capacity and uniform load support of 371.75 pounds per square foot. These systems also have exceptional rolling load capacity at 1,000 pounds to withstand heavy caster traffic.

Aluminum access floors are standard for class M1 high-tech environments and common for advanced applications like:

  • Laboratories
  • Clean rooms
  • Biomedical centers
  • X-ray and MRI rooms
  • Microelectronics centers
  • Pharmaceutical manufacturers

Floor Finishes

Aluminum Data Center Floor Systems are available in High Pressure Laminate, Vinyl, and bare steel painted finish that is designed for carpet or rubber installations.

Floor Under Structure

Aluminum Raised Access Floor Systems are compatible with our Stringerless Corner Lock under-structure systems. With these systems, you can drop tiles onto your installed corner supports and fasten them securely. The added grip helps stabilize the panels and reduces vibrations from equipment and foot traffic. 

Stringerless Corner Lock under-structures provide a modest level of support. They are ideal for use in smaller rooms and spaces where you need quick and comfortable access to the subfloor space. These systems are adjustable to fit any application. You can install them in custom heights ranging anywhere between 3" high and 24" off the ground.

Airflow Panels

Airflow panels add extra benefits to an aluminum raised floor. These panels have a perforated design that promotes up to 55% airflow through the tile face for added cooling capability while maintaining strong structural support. We offer two airflow panel styles to help eliminate hot spots and match the requirements of your application:

  • Standard aluminum airflow panels: Our standard tiles deliver 22% to 35% airflow that you can control with adjustable dampers.
  • High-output aluminum airflow panels: These tiles offer the highest passive airflow with controlled rates between 55% and 66%.

Aluminum Raised Floor Systems Load Rating Table

Concentrated Load
Ultimate 0.100" 0.080" Uniform Impact Rolling Load
Panel Load
10 Pass
10k Pass
1250 4500 1250 1000 371.75 150 1000 1000

Get a Quick Quote for Your Custom Installation


At Pro Access Floors, we have over 25 years of experience in the industry. Our team can design a custom aluminum raised floor built to your exact specifications and install it with precision accuracy. Request a quick quote for an aluminum access floor or call 800-566-7820 today.