Raised Concrete Floor Systems
Raised Concrete Floor Systems - Panel

Raised access flooring plays a critical role for wire management and air distribution for any environments housing electronics, wiring, and other technical operations. If you're interested in clearing clutter from your office building or server room with a low-maintenance solution, a concrete raised floor is the right fit.

At Pro Access Floors, we specialize in raised floor systems, materials, and installations to meet your needs. We have over 25 years of experience installing raised concrete floor systems for facilities of all sizes, including multiple Fortune 5,000 companies, and an established reputation for providing superior customer service. Give us a call at 800-566-7820, and we can set you up with a concrete access floor.

Cementitious Raised Access Flooring

Pro Access Floors raised concrete floor systems are manufactured to high-quality specifications and production procedures and CISCA standards with a class "A" flame spread rating. Our concrete raised access floor panels are made of galvanized steel and filled with lightweight cement, giving them core strength while providing superior stability, rigidity, and durability. These tiles offer a 1,250-pound static load and up to a 6,000-pound ultimate load rating.

The Benefits of Raised Concrete Access Flooring

Concrete access flooring creates a hidden space concealed underneath your walking area. These floors are suited for installation from a few inches off the ground or up to several feet in the air, offering enough room for technicians and maintenance personnel to perform their duties without creating disruption. 

A concrete raised floor is attractive and has multiple benefits to offer, including:

  • Improved air control: The added space lets you install comprehensive HVAC systems underneath the floor, helping you achieve superior air quality, temperature control, and system efficiency.
  • Heat-resistance: Concrete acts as a natural heat drain that helps to cool your equipment and your building. These floors are also flame-resistant for added safety in case of an emergency.
  • Excellent acoustics: Our concrete access floors are manufactured to precise tolerances for superior acoustics. They are proven to absorb noise and impact and will reduce room-to-room sound transmission.
  • Increased versatility: With a raised concrete computer floor, you always have total design control. As technology changes and you upgrade to new equipment, you can easily reconfigure the layout.
  • Cable management: Raised concrete floor systems provide ample space for storing and running all of your cables and wiring, eliminating trip hazards, improving aesthetics, and organizing server rooms.


Pro Access Floors Cementitious Raised Flooring Systems panels are available in three (3) standard models offering concentrated load ratings of 1250, 1500, and 2000 pounds. These concrete access floor panels are interchangeable with our Hollow Steel System for added versatility and suitable for a wide range of applications, including: 

  • Data centers
  • Assembly areas
  • General-purpose office
  • Mission-critical facilities
  • Server/telecommunication rooms

Floor Finishes

Pro Access Floors Cementitious Raised Flooring Systems are available in high-pressure laminate (HPL), vinyl, and bare steel painted finish designed for carpet or rubber installations. This makes our concrete raised floor tiles ideal for most business applications. Our high-pressure laminate or vinyl finishes offer long life and durability for most IT applications, while our bare steel finishes are designed for carpeted office environments or industrial applications where non-slip rubber is a key safety feature.

Airflow Panels

Our raised concrete floor systems offer perforated panels and allow anywhere from 22% to 66% open airflow, depending on the tile. These tiles are the ideal flooring for data centers and work as supplementary cooling solutions to control hot spots. In addition to helping keep your electronics cool, concrete raised floors built using airflow panels offer the improved climate control necessary for high-traffic businesses, facilities, and institutions.

We have perforated concrete access floor tires in two options, including:

  • Standard tiles: Standard tiles are compatible with bolted stringer and stringerless floor systems for an extra 22% to 35% flow.
  • High-output tiles: Our High-Output Air Grates are universally adaptable tiles that provide between 55% and 66% improved airflow.

Raised Concrete Floor Systems - 55% and 66% High Output Air-Grate
55% and 66% High Output Air-Grate
Raised Concrete Floor Systems - 25% Standard Airflow Panel
25% Standard Airflow Panel

Floor Under Structure

Our raised concrete floor systems have heavy-duty, zinc-plated, galvanized steel understructures capable of creating floor heights ranging anywhere from 3 inches up to 72 inches high. Two options are available for supporting concrete tiles, including:

  • Bolted stringer understructures: Bolted stringer systems are simple to remove, replace, and reconfigure, and ideal for supporting heavy loads.
  • PosiLock® locking understructures: PosiLock systems self-engage with the concrete access floor, positioning panels without using stringers.
Raised Concrete Floor Systems - Bolted Stringer
Bolted Stringer

Raised Concrete Floor Systems Load Rating Table

Concentrated Load
Ultimate 0.100" 0.080" Uniform Impact Rolling Load
Panel Load
10 Pass
10k Pass
1250 3800 1250 1000 371.75 150 1000 800
1500 5400 1500 1250 483.25 150 1250 1000
2000 6000 2000 1500 576.20 175 1500 1200

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At Pro Access Floors, we have over 25 years of experience designing and installing raised concrete floor systems that meet specialized requirements. Our team can help you determine the right panels, understructure, and finish to match your facility and provide the advantages you want. Contact us today to request a quote and learn more about our products.