Hollow Steel Computer Flooring Systems
Hollow Steel Computer Flooring Systems - Panel

Hollow Steel Raised Flooring Systems are manufactured to the highest quality specifications using advanced production procedures. These durable tiles meet CISCA standards and have a class "A" flame spread rating for added protection. 

Steel access flooring is ideal for computer rooms and other areas with exposed cables and wiring you want to conceal. If you are looking to design a new building or upgrade from your existing flooring system, we can help. At Pro Access Floors, we specialize in custom design and installation of raised flooring systems using the most advanced materials on the market. To learn more, call 800-566-7820 to speak to a representative.

Raised Steel Access Flooring

Our Hollow Steel computer flooring panels are made of galvanized steel for exceptional core strength, and provide superior tile stability, rigidity and durability. These steel raised floor panels have an impressive load capacity, with 1,250-pound static and 5,000-pound ultimate load ratings. They also provide all the under-floor space you need. We can install your steel computer floor in your preferred dimensions so you can fit all your electrical lines, ducting systems and data cables underneath and keep them hidden from view.

The Advantages of Using a Steel Computer Floor

Regardless of the size or purpose of the room, a steel access floor offers multiple benefits you can take advantage of, including:

  • Lightweight design: Steel panels are lightweight, making them easy to remove for fast access to your concealed areas.
  • Fireproof flooring: Steel is a natural heat-sink, and this non-combustible material is rated safe for use in rooms housing dense electronics.
  • Durable materials: These flooring systems are incredibly durable. They are designed to withstand heavy use in areas with high foot traffic.
  • Interchangeable size: Our Hollow Steel Flooring System is interchangeable and utilizes the same floor under-structure as our heavy duty Cementitious Raised Flooring Systems offering additional support for higher load rating applications when needed.


Our standard steel access floor panels come in two (2) load models to provide the support you require for any application. At Pro Access Floors, we often install Hollow Steel computer flooring systems in:        

  • Office areas.
  • Data centers.
  • Server rooms.
  • Telecom rooms.
  • Assembly areas.
  • Mission-critical spaces.

Floor Finishes

Pro Access Floors' Hollow Steel computer flooring systems are available in multiple finish options. Stock options include high-pressure laminate (HPL) and a bare-steel painted finish designed for use with our raised access floor carpeting. We also offer vinyl as an on-request custom option. Our HPL and carpeting finishes come in styles and designs to match any building interior and add visual appeal:

  • High-pressure laminate: We have over a dozen HPL options to choose from, including stone, slate, graphite and wood-grain patterns
  • Heavy-duty carpeting: Our rubberized raised access floor carpeting provides padding and added protection from static buildup and shocks.

Airflow Panels

Airflow steel floor panels provide the extra cooling capabilities you need to keep your equipment safe and control your environment. These panels have varying degrees of perforation that allow air transfer through the panel face, helping to improve circulation, eliminate hot spots and reduce the load on your HVAC system. Hollow Steel computer flooring systems installed using our standard or high-output airflow panels will gain an additional 25% to 66% more airflow, depending on the tiles.

Hollow Steel Computer Flooring Systems - 55%
55% and 66% High Output Air-Grate
Hollow Steel Computer Flooring Systems - Standard Airflow
25% Standard Airflow Panel

Floor Under Structure

Our raised steel access flooring under-structure is constructed of heavy-duty, zinc-plated galvanized steel. With available heights ranging from 3 inches to 72 inches, our under-structures provide all the space you need to keep everything you need out of the way and yet easy to access. Options include:

  • Bolted Stringer systems: Bolted Stringer under-structures provide excellent lateral support.
  • Stringerless Corner-Lock systems: These systems are easy to reconfigure and made for lighter duty.
Hollow Steel Computer Flooring Systems - Bolted Stringer
Bolted Stringer

Load Rating Table

Concentrated Load
Ultimate 0.100" 0.080" Uniform Impact Rolling Load
Panel Load
10 Pass
10k Pass
1250 4500 1250 1000 371.75 150 500 500
1500 5000 1500 1250 483.25 150 600 600

Trust Pro Access Floors for a Durable Steel Computer Floor


Clear the clutter of your computer systems and make daily activities simpler with a hollow steel computer floor from Pro Access Floors. We have over 25 years of experience in the industry. You can depend on our team for reliable products, expert installation, and world-class customer service to help you improve your operational productivity. 

Contact us today to request a quote and get more information about the different features, advantages, and benefits our steel computer floors can deliver for you.