Casino Floor – Advantages and History of Raised Flooring Systems for Casinos

2023/03/8 4:21


Raised flooring systems have been a popular choice for various industries for many years, including casinos. They offer numerous advantages that make them ideal for use in the casino industry. Let’s explore some of these benefits and take a brief look at their history in the casino sector.

Advantages of Raised Flooring Systems in Casinos:

Flexibility: Access floors provide flexibility in designing and configuring gaming areas and equipment as needed, making it easy to reconfigure them whenever necessary.

Cable management: The ample space beneath access floors provides an efficient way to manage cables and wires, reducing the risk of tripping and fire hazards while making it easier to route and manage power, data, and communication cables.

Improved air quality: Access floors can also serve as air plenums, which can improve air quality and energy consumption by enabling HVAC systems to distribute air evenly throughout the casino floor.

Aesthetics: Access floors can be customized to match the casino’s decor, creating a seamless and elegant look.

History of Raised Flooring Systems in Casinos:

Access floors were first used in the 1960s to house mainframe computers and manage cables in the computer industry. As technology advanced, access floors became more popular in other industries, including casinos. According to the AGA, the first casino to use access floors was the Desert Inn in Las Vegas, which installed access floors in its computer room in the late 1960s.

As casinos became more reliant on technology, access floors became the preferred choice due to their flexibility and cable management capabilities. Today, raised flooring systems are commonly used in casinos worldwide in gaming areas, data centers, and other critical areas. They have become an integral part of modern casino design, helping casinos create a safe, efficient, and aesthetically pleasing gaming environment.

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