Raised Floor System Applications - 911 Call Center

911 Call Center

911 emergency call centers and businesses utilizing large banks of phone systems can reap significant benefits from a raised floor system. These lightweight, innovative flooring systems address multiple needs unique to these facilities. You can use them to conceal and manage all of your countless wires and cables, create a healthier and more comfortable environment for concentrated numbers of employees, and keep your equipment running at its best. 

At Pro Access Floors, we can provide an attractive and cost-effective solution regardless of the room size or how many stations you need to support. We have over two and a half decades of experience working with public and private entities to develop call center access flooring that meets all specialized requirements and exceeds expectations.

Call Center Access Flooring Customized for Your Facility

We design and install new raised access flooring systems from the ground up to deliver all the features you want and the performance you need. Our raised access flooring for call centers elevates your employees and equipment on a supported structure set to heights ranging from 3 inches to 72 inches high. The 24-inch tiles are easy to remove, and you can run all of your cabling, HVAC ducting, piping, and more underneath them to clear the center floor and keep them hidden from view.

Call Center Access Flooring Panels

Pro Access Floors is your nationwide source for a variety of access flooring panels made from quality materials and manufactured using strict processes. Individual performance ratings vary by material and panel model. Our team can match your needs with the right style panel to meet your specialized requirements.

We have several panel styles to choose from, including

Call Center Flooring Under-Structures

Under-structures are the systems we install to support your access floor. Pro Access Floors under-structures come in several styles - Bolted Stringer, Stringerless Drop and Lock, and Stringerless Corner Lock systems - with each offering its own set of advantages. The right one for your facility will depend on how you need yours to perform.

For commercial and 911 call centers, both bolted stringer and stringerless under-structures are often the most practical choice. These systems install up to 6 feet high, and you can choose from a model designed for faster access or one made to reduce walkway vibrations. Bolted Stringer systems have the most capacity and are ideally suited for areas with the highest load requirements. 

Why Install Raised Access Flooring for Call Centers?

Raised access flooring is one of the best investments you can make in your call center. These systems provide a durable supported finished floor that you can finishes to create an attractive and complementary appearance, including a wide selection of neutral carpeting tiles enhanced with anti-static capability. Whether you want to upgrade a single room or your entire facility, you will gain valuable benefits:

  • Circulation: Access flooring lets you place vents and ducting where they are most effective in cooling your equipment and the room.
  • Flexibility: Raised floor systems decrease the downtime lost to reconfiguration when accommodating future changes or expansions.
  • Acoustics: These floors have excellent acoustic capabilities, keeping sounds contained and making it easier for operators to do their jobs.
  • Function: Our access panels are easy to remove when workers need to run new connections or perform building maintenance services.
  • Appeal: A raised floor hides all the cables and wires running throughout the call center and puts them safely under the tiles and away from view.

Upgrade Your Facility With Raised Call Center Flooring

Transform your facility with call center access flooring from the pros — call 800-566-7820 to get started designing your custom call center flooring. You can also contact us online. Our team will assist you in determining the optimal panel and under-structure configuration to meet your needs and stay within your budget.