Computer Flooring Applications - Servers Rooms

Server Rooms/Computer Flooring Applications

Raised flooring systems help reduce one of the most pressing computer room concerns - complexity. A server room raised floor creates a strong framework of 24-inch by 24-inch panels positioned at heights between 3 inches and 6 feet off the ground. This design provides ample underfoot space that companies can quickly use to run all the power, data, and environmental connections and cabling they need out of sight - but within easy and convenient reach.

Pro Access Floors raised computer flooring uses a Bolted Stringer under-structure to utilize a grid system that the 2-foot by 2-foot panels drop into. This creates a stable surface for large server deployments, while also allowing on-demand access with easy-to-remove individual panels. For enterprise server rooms and data centers, this ensures clean, uncluttered IT spaces that are simple to maintain and quick to modify.

Server Room Access Flooring Capable of Supporting All Your Equipment

While Bolted Stringers are the most practical under-structures for server rooms, you have options for the tiles. For most server rooms/computer flooring applications, we recommend installing systems using panels made from galvanized steel, or tiles manufactured using a combination of steel and cement:

  • Steel server room flooring: Pro Access Floors Hollow Steel Computer Flooring Systems have formed wells underneath the surface that provide support and help reduce tile weight. This lightweight server room raised flooring is rigid and built to last, with two load models available to suit your needs. Our 1250 steel panels will support 4,500-pound ultimate and 500-pound rolling loads. The 1500 model supports ultimate loads up to 5,000 pounds and rolling loads up to 600 pounds.
  • Cementitious raised flooring:  Our Cementitious Raised Access Flooring is ideally suited for IT applications. These panels feature a galvanized steel frame filled with a specialized blend of lightweight cement for unmatched core strength and reliable structural stability. Our cement panels come in three standard models to support the heaviest stationary equipment and rolling loads, with rolling load limits ranging up to 1,500 pounds and ultimate load limits up to 6,000 pounds.

Other options are available for building out the rest of your facility. All of our computer flooring panels have Class "A" flame spread ratings, and many are interchangeable for added design versatility. Browse all of our raised access flooring systems to see your complete list of options.

The Advantages of Easy-Access Computer Flooring

Regardless of your technology needs, raised computer room flooring can help reduce costs and improve usability. These systems are crucial where the ability to quickly add new racks and servers or modify existing environments is essential for ongoing ROI. Some of the most common deployment scenarios include large-scale server rooms —where temperature control is critical to overall performance — and mission-critical data center operations.

Raised server room access flooring offers multiple key advantages over traditional flooring options:

  • Access: From power cords and ethernet cables to fiber-optic jumpers and peripheral connections, the sheer amount of wiring necessary to deliver consistent computer performance is staggering. Raised computer flooring makes it easy to access this massive cable environment if something goes wrong or requires regular maintenance. You simply remove the necessary panel or panels, make adjustments in the comfortable space provided and get back to work.
  • Airflow: High-performance computing technology generates substantial heat and requires consistent cooling to deliver on IT expectations. Our computer room raised flooring offers 25% to 66% airflow options to help ensure your racks and servers are always kept at the ideal temperature. With more effective cooling measures in place, server room flooring reduces HVAC system demand, contributing to lower utility expenses.
  • Adaptability: Computer room deployments evolve over time. Maybe you need to add new servers, incorporate new networking solutions, or remove physical systems that have reached their end of life. Raised computer floors let you quickly redesign or expand server room layouts. These floors feature panels you can easily remove to run new cabling, and the universal panel size makes it easy to swap panels, make upgrades, or build on your system.
  • Appearance: New server room raised floors will add a level of professionalism to any business. Raised computer flooring is the best way to keep all the cables and wiring running to and from your server racks completely hidden from view for a clean and modern look. You can customize your server room flooring with a variety of attractive and colorful finishes, including custom vinyl options and durable High-Pressure-Laminate (HPL).
  • Anti-static: You can also opt to finish your server room access floor with carpeting designed to eliminate electrostatic charges. This carpeting type uses a unique material construction and design to minimize static buildup and help remove existing static from the environment. Modular raised floor carpeted tiles come in a variety of attractive neutral colors ideally suited for use in commercial businesses and the technology sector.
  • Safety: Raised server room access flooring allows for complete customization of your equipment and floor layout, and handrails are available for preventing trips and falls off any edges. These systems also take all the trip hazards typical to a server room and stow them safely under the tiles. With your networking and power cables out of the walkway, workers can move about without risking injury or damage to the equipment.

Go With the Pros for Your Server Room Flooring

With more than 25 years of experience serving the data processing and IT industry, we've earned a reputation for high-performance raised computer access flooring that stands out from the crowd. From our steel-concrete raised server room flooring and hollow steel systems to our wood-core, calcium sulphate, and aluminum systems, we have the experience and expertise necessary to deliver superior floor quality and strength, streamlined airflow, and simplified access management.

Enhance the efficiency of your computer room without sacrificing access, airflow, or adaptability. It all starts with a firm foundation — high-quality raised computer flooring from Pro Access Floors. Our team can help you select the right product for your needs, ensuring the ideal combination of performance and price to meet your computer flooring expectations. Contact us today to get started on your new server room raised floor and request your custom quote.