Raised Floor Applications - Casinos


The perfect gaming environment addresses the needs of high-quality air, noise control, and complete flexibility for equipment and cable layout and modifications. Raised access flooring plays a critical role in improving air quality and maintaining the physical integrity of the healthy gaming environment.

At Pro Access Floors, we design and install raised access flooring for casinos of any size. With over 25 years of experience serving the gaming industry, we design systems that deliver a long list of advantages over traditional options. Our flooring options are the ideal solution for upgrading your gaming floors, convention halls, stages, and other areas to offer an optimal guest experience.

Versatile Casino Access Flooring

Raised access flooring for casinos is a cost-effective way to modernize your facility. These advanced flooring systems install at your chosen heights, ranging from 3 inches off the ground to 6 feet high. They provide the heavy-duty support you need and give you the flexibility to adapt to future layout changes quickly and easily. 

Our complete product catalog includes multiple high-quality casino access flooring panels and accompanying under-structure systems you can install in virtually any public space.

Casino Access Flooring Panels

We carry a variety of panel styles, all of which come with their own unique advantages. All of our designs feature precision construction, Class "A" flame-spread ratings, and impressive load capabilities, with individual listed ratings for static, ultimate, and rolling loads. The tiles measure 24 inches by 24 inches, and several are interchangeable, meaning you can move or swap tiles without making changes to your under-structure.

Our panels have durable steel frames and feature cores constructed of various materials, including:

Casino Raised Flooring Under-Structures

We also carry complete under-structure systems for supporting your panels. Our Bolted Stringer under-structure has the most strength and can sustain the highest level of elevation. For smaller areas like your security rooms, general offices, and spaces with similar requirements, we also offer two stringerless options.

Attractive Access Panel Finishes

At Pro Access Floors, we know how important it is that your floors impress your guests, and we offer multiple attractive finishes you can add to your tiles to get a clean, modern, and luxurious look. We offer a wide range of attractive High-Pressure-Laminate (HPL) and custom vinyl finishes, or you can choose from an extensive selection of carpeting styles that have specialized features.

The Benefits of Raised Access Flooring for Casinos

A customized raised access floor creates a usable space you can easily access - but your guests will never see. These systems provide benefits you can take advantage of regardless of the room size, how much foot traffic you receive, or the size loads you need to move across them or support, including:

  • Cable management: Raised floors make it safe for your guests to wander the casino floor by letting you run all of the power cables and wiring that your systems need under the walkway.
  • Energy efficiency: Our systems help keep gaming machines cool and help you better control your interior climate. This ability lowers demand on your electrical systems, contributing to lower costs.
  • Improved circulation: With an access floor, you can run as much HVAC ducting as you need and install our airflow panels wherever necessary for increased circulation and improved air quality.
  • Better acoustics: Casino access flooring helps solve challenges with sound management. These products help absorb sound and vibration on the casino floor and between your different rooms.

Order Casino Access Flooring From the Pros

Pro Access Floors is your source for new casino access flooring that meets all your specifications. Call 800-566-7820 today to learn more about our products or to request a quote, or fill out our online contact form for assistance.