Raised Flooring Applications - General Office Applications

General Office Applications

Most office structures are designed with conventional wiring and cabling in the walls, making service distribution inflexible for expansion and reconfiguration of the services. Office raised flooring from Pro Access Floors provides underfloor service distribution in office applications, offering complete flexibility and efficiency. 

As your business grows and changes, our raised flooring makes it easy to modify your layout and add new services and distribution. Raised access flooring for offices also serves for efficient under-floor air management, making it easy to control and adjust where the air is needed while saving as much as 30% on your HVAC energy cost.

Quality Raised Access Flooring for Offices

At Pro Access Floors, we carry a wide selection of raised access flooring panels and under-structure systems to accommodate virtually any requirements you have. We have over 25 years of experience serving customers in the industry, ranging from small businesses to major Fortune 5,000 organizations. Our team can help you select the right products to meet your load requirements and desired visual appearance.

Raised Flooring Panels

Choosing the right panels for your office raised flooring depends on multiple factors. How much weight you need to support, the properties you want to take advantage of, and the look you want to achieve are just a few of the different considerations for selecting your panels. We have material options suited to meet all of your preferences and specifications, including:

Raised Flooring Under-Structures

Our raised access floor under-structures provide reliable support for and come in several different designs, with some better suited for certain panel types and applications. Available options are:

  • Bolted Stringer systems.
  • Stringerless Corner Lock systems.
  • Stringerless Drop and Lock systems.

The Benefits of Installing Raised Office Access Flooring

The modern office environment requires virtually every employee to run a connected system from their workspace. Between computer systems, telecommunications equipment, and a variety of other electronics, all the required cords and cabling can quickly overwhelm your space — and your employees.

Our office access flooring offers an attractive and effective solution. Pro Access Floors raised access flooring for offices includes a combination of lightweight 24-inch by 24-inch panels and durable under-structure systems. These innovative systems elevate your flooring by as much as 6 feet, giving you a spacious area you can use to conceal anything you want away from view.

These flooring systems are suitable for installation in new building constructions or as part of an upgrade to your office space. With one of these units installed using your preferred choice of products, you can run cables and wires directly to each desk or piece of shared office equipment. You can also use this space to run ducting and piping and conceal anything you want to keep hidden away.

New raised access flooring also offers a wide range of additional benefits you can take advantage of regardless of your office size or the number of employees using the space, including:

  • Increased safety: These flooring systems gather all the different trip hazards strewn through your offices and conference rooms and tuck them under your feet and safely out of the way.
  • Improved aesthetics: Office access flooring makes an attractive upgrade to any business. Multiple finishes are available for something that delivers the complementary appearance you want.
  • Better acoustics: Access flooring panels are excellent at absorbing sound and vibration, reducing echoes across broad open spaces, and limiting room-to-room transfer to prevent distractions.
  • More space: When you remove all the different cables and support you need from the office area, you open up more floor space to install furniture where you want without having to sacrifice something else to make room.

Order Raised Access Flooring for Your Office

If you want to learn more about the advantages office raised flooring can provide for your business, send us a message or call 800-566-7820. We'll help you design a custom configuration and provide you with a competitive estimate.