Tate Access Floors

A Tate raised access floor system is one of the most advanced design features you can include in any building. These systems are ideal for hiding cords, wires, ducting, and pipes out of view while providing durable and appealing walking surfaces.

Raised floors have an expansive range of applications in the commercial and public sectors, but new flooring systems can sometimes be cost-prohibitive. If you are looking to upgrade your facility with Tate products but want to save on overhead costs, used Tate flooring can deliver all the advantages you want at a fraction of the expense.

At Pro Access Floors, we inventory a wide selection of pre-owned and refurbished Tate raised access flooring systems, including discontinued and hard to find Tate products. All of our used Tate flooring systems have been dismantled with care and inspected by professionals to ensure quality and visual appeal. 

Selling your Tate Raised Floors? Pro Access Floors can de-install and offer you top dollar.

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A Large Selection of Used Tate Flooring

We specialize in the sale, installation, and removal of Tate access floor systems, including used Tate flooring. We have spent the last 25 years building a broad national customer base, and user de-commissions, downsizing, and systems upgrades allows us to maintain a large inventory of pre-owned Tate access floor systems.

Tate is a leader in the industry, with over 55 years of continued experience producing quality raised access floor systems. Over that time, they have introduced a variety of innovative designs to the market. They have also built an expansive product line featuring sturdy and attractive panels we can install to improve the form and function of your facility. Used Tate flooring kits that we stock vary based on current availability.

The Benefits of Installing Used Tate Flooring

Raised access floors are perfect for installation in a wide range of commercial and public facilities. Typical applications include Data Centers, 911 call centers, casinos, server rooms, educational facilities, control rooms, and virtually any general office space. These systems provide businesses and organizations of any type and size with a wide range of advantages, including:

  • Safety: Raised flooring allows you to tuck cords and wires underneath the panels to remove any trip hazards.
  • Airflow: Access floors enable you to run more ducting and use airflow panels to keep electrical systems cooler.
  • Aesthetics: When you hide all your power and data cables, your spaces look much cleaner and more organized.
  • Space: Hiding non-essential systems and support wiring opens up more floor space when designing your layout.
  • Access: If a worker needs to access the underfoot area, raised floor panels are lightweight and easy to remove.
  • Savings: Buying used is the most affordable path to a raised floor and can save you up to 70% off the cost of new.

Learn More About Our Used Tate Access Floor for Sale

Upgrade your facility without breaking your annual budget with used and refurbished Tate flooring installed by a professional team. Our team can show you what's available and design a layout that meets all your specifications. We also buy used Tate flooring for top dollar and will remove your system for you. If you are interested in installing a quality used access floor or are considering selling yours, call 800-566-7820, or Contact Us today

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