Access Floor Applications -  Data Centers and Computer Rooms

Data Centers and Computer Rooms

Data centers, telecommunications centers, and computer rooms demand flexibility, scalability, adaptability, and efficiency. These critical facilities have unique design requirements and a raised access floor system from the right provider helps you overcome every challenge. Raised access floors are the industry standard for Information Technology (IT) applications. These systems are uniquely adapted to meet the specialized needs of the ever-changing IT world.

If you're looking to take advantage of everything these innovative systems have to offer, Pro Access Floors is your source for quality products and professional installation. All of our Data Center flooring is manufactured using controlled processes and quality control to deliver the performance and visual appeal you need.

Quality Data Center Access Flooring

Our inventory includes multiple system and panel designs suitable for use in your facility, including concrete panels - the leading choice for use in data centers of all sizes. We also carry several under-structure systems, including a Bolted Stringer system that offers incredible structural and lateral support for your heaviest racks and equipment.

We offer a long list of optional finishes that can offer additional performance and visual appeal, including anti-static carpeting and colorful High-Pressure Laminate (HPL). Browse our complete selection of raised flooring systems to find the option that best suits your requirements

Why Install Data Center Raised Flooring?

Server racks require enormous amounts of power and generate significant heat. Your HVAC systems work hard to keep these systems cool, but hot spots can persist. If your systems get too hot, you run the risk of incurring damage and losses that may have been avoidable. Access flooring helps keep data centers cooler by providing your server rooms with added circulation and more opportunities to position ducting and grates in strategic locations.

These systems use durable panels made from your choice of base materials to elevate server racks and other equipment on a raised platform, which you can set to your preferred height. If you need to gain access beneath your tiles, removal is easy and takes minimal time to complete.

With a raised floor from Pro Access Floors installed in your data centers and computer rooms, you'll benefit from multiple advantages, including:

  • Durable, lightweight construction: Depending on the product, our data center access flooring can support significant ultimate loads - up to 6,000 pounds - and 1,500-pound rolling loads.
  • Reduced cooling costs: With the added circulation gained from the raised platform, your HVAC systems can put in fewer operating hours, leading to lower annual utility and maintenance costs.
  • Class "A" flame resistance: All of our data center raised flooring is tested and rated for Class "A" flame resistance, making these panels a valuable safety feature you can install to help protect your facility.
  • Added floor space: These flooring systems take the cords and wiring running to your equipment and stow them out of the way, removing trip hazards and creating a cleaner, more organized environment.
  • Design flexibility: A data center access floor makes it easy to add to, remove, or relocate your equipment without needing to make major structural changes, and you can create enough space to run cables easily.

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At Pro Access Floors, we have over 25 years of experience providing data centers and IT facilities across the country with a variety of data center access flooring panels and under-structure systems. Our team can help you design a system according to your specifications, and we can take care of all aspects of your installation. Request your quick quote online today or speak to an expert by calling 800-566-7820.