Pro Access Floors specializes and inventories most new and pre-owned Computer Floor Replacement Panels and Floor Under-Structure, No Matter the Age or Manufacturer. For details check out our Computer Floor Replacement Panel Kit. Have a few minutes to give us some details on your Replacement Panel requirement, head over to our Computer Floor Replacement Panel Request. Strapped for time? Send us a few pictures and we will take it from there.

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  • Pro Access requires a minimum order of 25 Raised Floor Panels (1 Pallet)
  • HPL color matching is difficult to match perfectly with older floor systems. Over time, HPL's color is susceptible to wear, tear,  and fading making it difficult to match your existing computer floor tiles. In most cases, we are able to provide you with the same manufacturers and color HPL  but cannot guarantee a perfect match. If this is the case with your floor system then you may consider panel reconfiguration in your room to accomplish a good color flow and aesthetics.
  • HPL Manufacturers typically change color shades and patterns on HPL finishes every 5-10 years.