Pro Access Floors is your source for a wide selection of new raised access flooring systems offering both superior quality and performance. All of our new raised access flooring products uphold the highest industry standards and specifications by utilizing controlled manufacturing and production procedures designed to meet or exceed all your unique requirements. These systems meet all CISCA standards for raised access flooring, have Class "A" flame ratings, and come with a one-year warranty for your added peace of mind.


Pro Access Floors Raised Access Flooring Systems


We have new raised flooring systems you can use to improve a single room or multistory facility in your preferred layout and style. Our panels and under-structure systems have everything you need in a complete set, or you can use them to build on your existing floor to add upgrades or square footage. Pro Access Floors panels and accessories are interchangeable and compatible with most industry raised access floors and manufactured to the same outside dimensions.

Our new Raised Access Flooring systems are available in 1,000-, 1,250-, 1,500-, and 2,000-pound concentrated load ratings and can support rolling loads up to 1,500 pounds. Most of our raised access flooring systems are kept in stock and available for immediate delivery. We also provide complete installation services and removal of existing systems.

Concrete Raised Floor Systems

Our Concrete Raised Floor Systems have a hollow, high-grade steel frame coated with durable epoxy for protection and filled with a lightweight concrete. This panel type is a popular selection for use in server rooms and the industry standard for modern IT applications. These panels feature some of our highest available load ratings, with options capable of supporting ultimate loads up to 6,000 pounds, concentrated loads up to 2,000 pounds, and rolling loads up to 1,500 pounds.

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Calcium Sulphate Access Flooring Systems

Calcium Sulphate Access Flooring sealed panels consist of recycled Calcium Sulphate core sealed with a heavy duty ABS and galvanized steel bottom. These panels are environmentally protecting, waterproof, rot proof, fireproof (Class "A" flame spread rating) and provide excellent rigidity, load rating, durability, and acoustic and static performance. The Calcium Sulphate panel is sealed US wood-core compatible without the susceptibility to humidity, temperature, expanding wood core, and de-lamination of the standard wood-core system.

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Hollow Steel Raised Access Floor Systems

Pro Access Floors Hollow Steel raised access flooring panels are rigid, stable, and durable. These panels feature surfaces made from galvanized steel and a hollow core that makes them lightweight and easy to handle. Our new Hollow Steel access flooring is available in two load models that provide exceptional static support for server towers, telecommunications equipment, and other stationary electronics equipment.

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Wood Core Raised Access Floors Systems

Our Wood Core Raised Access Flooring Systems feature a commercial-grade composite wood core encased in galvanized steel. Pro Access Floors Wood Core Raised Access Flooring Systems have excellent durability and acoustic performance. We have three load models available to meet your requirements, with static load ratings up to 1,500 pounds, ultimate load ratings up to 4,000 pounds, and rolling load ratings up to 1,500 pounds.

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Raised Access Flooring Airflow Panels and Grates

All of our new raised access flooring systems come with the option of upgrading to airflow panels and grates. Airflow grates are stylishly perforated raised flooring panels that channel air between your room and the floor below for better climate control and to help prevent critical systems from overheating. With the airflow tile installed in your new access flooring system, you can get up to three times more airflow to your upper server racks, helping you control all your hot spots.

Airflow grates are seamlessly interchangeable with all of our raised access flooring systems. Two styles are available to meet your needs, including:

  • Standard perforated floor tiles: Depending on the panel, our standard perforated floor tiles deliver between 22% and 35% more airflow through the panel.
  • Universal high-output air gratesThese high-performance cooling tiles offer the greatest level of air circulation, with 55 to 66% open area across the panel face.

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