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Raised Access Floor Cooling

Raised Access Floor Cooling

Universal and Standard
25%-66% Airflow Panels

Accessibility matters in IT. It’s not enough just to diagnose technology issues or design essential upgrades, teams need on-demand access to critical infrastructure to ensure they’re able to quickly remediate potential issues or install new hardware.

Pro Access Floors is the industry leader in raised access flooring solutions that meet evolving industry needs for strength, durability, acoustic performance and airflow, all without compromising quality or ease of access.

Who We Are

Pro Access Floors has served the Data Processing and IT industry for 35+ years and the Access Floors industry for 25 years. Pro Access Floors offers a complete line of Raised Access Flooring and Access Flooring Services, and offers both New and Refurbished Access Floors and Raised Access Floor Systems. Our Access Flooring professionals have 25+ years of experience and specialize in every phase of Access Flooring process. Our Access Flooring experts will discuss your requirements, identify your needs, and propose the materials and services that will most economically suit your project.

Our Reputation Speaks For Itself

What We Offer

As a full-service raised floor company, Pro Access Floors offers nationwide access flooring options including:

  • Materials: Pro Access inventories both new and pre-owned Raised Access Flooring systems, Access Flooring under-structure and Replacement Panels. We also specialize in older hard to find replacement panels offering refurbished re-laminated replacement panels solutions. In most cases, quick turnaround and next day shipment is available.
  • Consulting: We meet with your team to assess current floor installations, examine structural blueprints, and design and identify the best-fit product for your needs. Then, we create an installation plan that meets both federal and local code and creates the least disruption to your current operating environment.
  • Installation: Our expert installation team offers nationwide installations and de-installations services including slab preparation, room and pedestal layout, panel cut-outs for floor boxes and air guard and grommets, and evaluate existing sub-floors and prepare your existing floor foundation for access flooring.
  • Maintenance: Along with instructions to care for your raised access flooring, such as regular vacuuming and airflow evaluations,  we provide in-depth maintenance services that include full floor inspections, panel rotations and damaged component replacements.
  • Disposal: Downsizing or closing your data center? We can help with professional de-installation and disposal of your Raised Access Flooring to assure your data center, clean room or server room technology is kept safe and sound.

The Pro Access Floors Advantage

Everything rests on the quality and performance of your flooring system. It’s the foundation of effective airflow, easy access and long-term upgrade potential, but it’s often overlooked.

At Pro Access Floors, we’ve earned our reputation as a top-tier access flooring company by delivering best-in-class materials, consultation, and installation services combined with expert advice and experience. Simply put, we’re your raised flooring solutions specialists.

We stand by our reputation for quality, service and performance. Find your footing with Pro Access Floors. Let’s connect.

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