Raised Concrete Floor Systems
Raised Concrete Floor Systems - Panel

Cementitious Raised Access Flooring

Pro Access Floors Raised Concrete Floor Systems are manufactured to a high quality specifications and production procedures and CISCA standards with a class "A" flame spread rating. The Concrete Raised Access Floor Panels are made of galvanized steel and filled with lightweight cement giving them core strength while providing superior stability, rigidity, and durability offering a 1,250 lbs static load and up to a 6,000 lbs ultimate load rating.


With (3) standard load models and interchangeable with our Hollow Steel system, Pro Access Floors Cementitious Raised Flooring Systems are suitable for a wide range of applications such as data centers, general purpose office, server / telecommunication rooms, mission critical facilities, and assembly areas.

Floor Finishes

Pro Access Floors Cementitious Raised Flooring Systems are available in high pressure laminate, vinyl, and bare steel painted finish that is designed for carpet or rubber installations. This makes our concrete raised floor tiles ideal for most business applications. Our high pressure laminate or vinyl finishes offer long life and durability for most IT applications, while our bare steel finishes are a designed for carpeted office environments or industrial applications where non-slip rubber is a key safety feature.

Airflow Panels

Cementitious Raised Flooring Systems offer Airflow Solutions ranging from 25% airflow to 66% open air. No matter if you are looking for simple room cooling or dealing with complex rack heat issues and hot spots, our Raised Concrete Floor Sytem offer a airflow solution.

Raised Concrete Floor Systems - 55% and 66% High Output Air-Grate
55% and 66% High Output Air-Grate
Raised Concrete Floor Systems - 25% Standard Airflow Panel
25% Standard Airflow Panel

Floor Under Structure

Cementitious Raised Flooring Systems under-structure is constructed of a heavy duty Zinc plated galvanized steel and available in Bolted Stringer and Panel Corner Locking systems which can accommodate floor heights from 3" to 72".

Utilizing 24” x 24” Raised Access Floor panels with our bolted stringer grid system under-structure, our concrete raised floor systems are ideal for high static and rolling load requirements, improving airflow across large areas, and providing on-demand access and maintenance to sub floor infrastructure.

Raised Concrete Floor Systems - Bolted Stringer
Bolted Stringer

Raised Concrete Floor Systems Load Rating Table

Concentrated Load
Ultimate 0.100" 0.080" Uniform Impact Rolling Load
Panel Load
10 Pass
10k Pass
1250 3800 1250 1000 371.75 150 1000 800
1500 5400 1500 1250 483.25 150 1250 1000
2000 6000 2000 1500 576.20 175 1500 1200