Raised Access Flooring Applications - Control Rooms

Control Rooms

Control rooms have similar building requirements as data centers and server rooms. These rooms provide a centralized command area for controlling facilities and processes. They are common fixtures in manufacturing facilities, factories, refineries, for utility applications, and in the Information Technology (IT) sector.

In all of these competitive industries, downtime is costly and must be avoided to ensure operations stay on schedule. It is also essential to maximize your available space and do everything possible to increase the speed at which you do business. Pro Access Floors control room access flooring offers an innovative solution for all these goals.

Customizable Raised Flooring for Control Rooms

Control room raised flooring provides your business with an open space between your sub and finished floor, ranging from a few inches high to 6 feet in the air. This space gives you all the room you need to run the cables and electrical wiring for your critical systems and allows you to customize HVAC ducting to prevent systems from overheating.

At Pro Access Floors, we specialize in designing and installing new and used raised access floor systems in configurations built to meet your specifications. We have a variety of panels and under-structure systems made from the highest-quality materials and produced to exacting standards.

We have panels featuring different materials and constructions that offer a range of advantages depending on the application, all of which have Class "A" flame-spread ratings. The amount of support you need, how much you want your panels to weigh, and many other factors weigh into the decision. Our complete selection of new control room raised flooring panels includes:

With our control room access flooring, you can also customize how your tiles look with your finish choice, including High-Pressure-Laminate (HPL) - our most popular for demanding applications. Our HPL finishes are protective surface coverings that are easy to clean and available in varying colors and styles.

Pro Access Floors under-structure systems all offer different advantages, but our Bolted Stringer systems are the most common in control rooms. These under-structures are our most heavy-duty, and we have several load models available to meet your needs. Our experts can help you determine which under-structure best suits your application.

The Advantages of Using Raised Flooring for Control Rooms

Raised access flooring using any combination of panels and under-structure systems offers multiple advantages regardless of facility size or type. With control room raised flooring designed and installed by the team at Pro Access Floors, you can easily benefit from all of them, including:

  • Increased airflow: Control room access flooring lets you configure ducting for the highest cooling effect. Perforated airflow panels are also available.
  • Cable management: These systems allow you to store all of the wires running through your control room under the floor so they come through only where necessary.
  • Improved safety: When you keep all your cables and wires under the walkway, you eliminate multiple trip hazards and contribute to a safer work environment.

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