Access Floor Disposal Kit

PHOTOS – Access Flooring Panel and Under-Structure Photos:

1. Top

2. Bottom

3. Side

4. Corner

5. Floor Finish

6. Pedestal & Stringer

HPL and Panel Thickness:

MEASURING THE HPL THICKNESS on your raised computer floor panel is best accomplished with a cut solid panel. The HPL sheet is usually adhered the steel panel surface with a black or brown cork like backing. We need the total measurement of both the HPL Sheet and the backin. If a tape measure is not handy, a nickel can assist in meausring. If the HPL sheet is equal to the thickness of (1) nickel it is 1/16″ and a thickness equal to (2) nickels is 1/8″. Providing Pro Access with a clear and close up photo with a tape measure or ruler reference can also assist us in identifing the HPL thickness.



Once we identify your panel type and measurements, Pro Access will provide you with a sample raised computer floor panel to allow you to confirm the fit and color before shipping your complete order.


**** Pro Access requires a minimum order of 25 panels (1 Pallet)


Thank you for your interest in Pro Access Floors Raised Computer Flooring Replacement Panel Services!