Wood Core Raised Access Flooring
Wood Core Raised Access Flooring - Panel

A new raised floor system is the optimal way to overcome cord management challenges and maximize space. These innovative systems provide the space needed to run wires, ducting, and other systems with fast and simple access to keep your business moving.

Wood Core Raised Floor Systems

Pro Access Floors Wood Core Raised Access Flooring Systems are constructed using a heavy-duty composite wood core surrounded by galvanized formed steel. Our wood core panels have impressive load ratings to match your needs, with static capabilities between 1,000 and 1,500 pounds, and ultimate load support from 2,400 to 4,000 pounds. These panels have excellent durability, rigidity, and acoustic performance and provide added fire safety with a Class "A" flame-spread rating.

The Advantages of Installing a Wood Core Access Floor

A wood core access floor can be installed in any size or layout room, and the benefits include:

  • Improved acoustics: Our tiles absorb noise to prevent transmission from room-to-room.
  • Excellent performance: This flooring has high impact, static, and ultimate load ratings.
  • Simple access: These tiles are easy to remove, providing ample space to work.
  • More space: These systems provide enough space for all the systems you want to conceal.
  • Better air control: Raised flooring lets you run a more extensive HVAC system in the building.
  • Increased safety: In addition to fire resistance, raised flooring systems can reduce trip hazards.


Wood Core Raised Access Flooring is a versatile solution you can customize with several available options. These style systems are ideally suited for a massive range of different commercial and professional applications, including:

  • Data centers
  • Control rooms
  • Emergency call centers
  • Company server rooms
  • Offices and workspaces
  • Telecommunication centers
  • Schools and public buildings

Floor Finishes

These products are available in a large variety of finishes. We have styles to complement your building design and provide an attractive finished look for your staff, visitors, and employees. Based on the application and your personal preference, you can choose from over a dozen high-pressure laminate (HPL) finishes, vinyl finishes, or bare steel options painted and prepared for use with any of our durable carpet or rubber floor panel coverings.

Floor Under Structure

We carry several floor under-structure systems compatible with our wood core access floor panels. These systems are each constructed of a heavy-duty zinc-plated galvanized steel. Options include:

  • Bolted StringersA Bolted Stringer System delivers the heaviest load capacity for your wood core raised floor and provides lateral support under each panel for added stability. We can install them in custom heights ranging anywhere from 3" to 72" off the ground.
  • Stringerless Corner LockThese under-structure systems are best suited for smaller spaces like offices, computer rooms, or a 911-center. Stingerless Corner Lock under-structures install at heights ranging from 3" to 60" and secure with fasteners to reduce vibration.
  • Stingerless Drop and Lock: Stringerless Drop and Lock panels also install between 3" and 60" high, and are ideal for applications with lower load requirements. With these systems, there are no fasteners to secure, making it fast and easy to gain access to the subfloor.
Wood Core Raised Access Flooring - Bolted Stringer
Bolted Stringer
Wood Core Raised Access Flooring - Stringerless Drop and Lock
Stringerless Drop and Lock
Wood Core Raised Access Flooring - Stringerless Corner Lock
Stringerless Corner Lock

Airflow Panels

In addition to standard wood core access floor tiles, we offer our Airflow Panels. These upgraded products are excellent for use in rooms housing the equipment you need to keep cool, like servers, computers, and other electronics. Wood core airflow panels come in two styles:

  • Standard perforation: Standard airflow panels deliver between 22% to 35% improved flow.
  • High-output tiles: For maximum flow, you can install these tiles for 55% to 66% panel airflow.
Wood Core Raised Access Flooring - 55% Air Grate
55% and 66% High Output Air-Grate
Wood Core Raised Access Flooring - 25% Standard Airflow
25% Standard Airflow Panel

Wood Core Raised Access Flooring Load Rating Table

Rolling Load
Panel (lbs) (lbs) (lbs) (lbs/ft2) 10 Pass
10k Pass
1250 1250 2900 300 7.6 1250 875
1500 1500 4000 400 8.3 1500 1050

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