Raised Floor Applications

Data Centers / Computer and Server Rooms

Data Center and Computer and Server Rooms rely on flexibility, scalability, adaptability and efficiency. Data Center Raised Floors help achieve this wire, cable, air flow, water and distribution management while improving data center energy efficiency. In the ever-changing IT world, raised floor allows for additional equipment and services to be added, removed, and relocated without major structural changes.

General Office Applications

Most office structures are designed with conventional wiring and cabling in the walls making service distribution inflexible for expansion and re-configuration of the services. Access Floor provides underfloor service distribution in office applications offering complete flexibility and efficiency. As your business grows and changes, Access Floor makes it easy to modify and add new services and distribution. The Access Floor also serves for efficient under-floor air management making it easy to control and modify where the air is needed while saving as much 30% on your HVAC energy cost.

Raised Floor Applications - General Office Applications

Raised Floor Applications - Control Rooms

Control Rooms

With similar requirements as data centers and server rooms, control rooms are often found in IT applications, manufacturing, utilities, factories, and refineries. Downtime is not an option for these facilities and computer floor offers the insurance needed for cable management and air distribution.


With over 120,000 educational facilities in the US with the average age of 42+ years old, over half of these facilities have problems linked to poor air quality. Poorly designed over-head and in wall air distribution contribute to these conditions. Raised Floor Systems provide significant advantages to addressing and maintaining air quality while offering all the benefits of flexible distribution services and cable management.

Raised Floor Applications - Education

Raised Floor Applications - Casinos


The perfect gaming environment addresses the needs of high quality air, noise control, and complete flexibility for equipment and cable layout and modifications. Raised Access Floor plays a critical role in improving air quality and maintaining the physical integrity of the healthy gaming environment.

911 Call Center

911 emergency and business call centers both benefit from Raised Flooring. Raised Flooring addressed the need to conceal and manage countless wires and cables required in these facilities while providing a healthier and more comfortable environment for the concentrated number of employees often found in these operations. Raised Flooring will also decrease down-time and lost reconfiguration time to accommodate future change or expansion.

Raised Floor Applications - 911 Call Center