Used Access Flooring

If you want to install a raised flooring system in your building but need to preserve your overhead budget, pre-owned and refurbished access flooring can deliver all the advantages you're looking for at 30-50% the cost of new. At Pro Access Floors, we have one of the largest inventories of refurbished and used access flooring in the U.S. We stock a variety of systems, panel types, and under-structure at substantial savings that are ready for installation in any size room or your entire building.

Used Raised Access Flooring From the Industry's Top Manufacturers

All of our used access flooring kits are inspected and cleaned with care before we offer them for resale. In many cases, our used access flooring comes from our own network of clients and was dismantled by our own team of installers. All of our pre-owned access flooring comes backed by a 90-day warranty for added confidence in your purchase. Used raised flooring with new High-Pressure Laminate (HPL) finishes and edge trim is also available for a like-new appearance that complements your facility. 

We have used access flooring panels and systems available from all the most recognized manufacturers in the industry, including: 

  • Floating Floors
  • Haworth Floor
  • Liskey
  • Maxcess

Used Raised Flooring Systems in a Wide Range of Materials

With raised access floors, the materials used during construction make all the difference. Panels made from different base materials have different properties and advantages to meet most installation requirements. They will provide you with varying levels of load support and sound-dampening capabilities, and come in different weights. The right selection for the room, space, or building you intend to utilize will depend on the equipment you need to support, what you intend to store beneath the floor and the activities going on above.

Our used raised flooring inventory includes panels made from primary materials such as:

We also carry complete new and used under-structure systems necessary for installing your raised access floor at the precise height you want, with options reaching over several feet into the air. Raised floor under-structure systems come in a variety of styles that provide ranging capabilities, and some styles are better suited for certain panel types. Options include:

  • Bolted Stringer: Bolted Stringer systems can support the heaviest loads. These systems provide lateral reinforcement underneath tiles for added strength, making them perfect for areas supporting heavy equipment and sizable rolling loads.
  • Stringerless Corner Lock: A Stringerless Corner Lock under-structure is the ideal support system for areas requiring low load support. These panels secure at the corners using fasteners, lessening vibrations from movement and machinery.
  • Stringerless Drop and Lock: Stringerless Drop and Lock used access flooring under-structures offer comparable support to Stringerless Corner Lock systems. These systems rest unattached to the supports, making them the fastest to remove.

The Value of Installing Used Raised Access Flooring

A used raised access floor from Pro Access Floors is an investment that delivers multiple benefits. These floors provide a large protected area beneath the floor that you can use to run cabling and support systems hidden from view. These systems also allow for improved air circulation, making it easier to cool servers and other banks of electronic systems that generate heat. Gaining access to the substructure for completing maintenance applications takes little time and requires minimal effort.

Save Up to 60% With Pre-Owned, Refurbished, and Re-Laminated Used Access Flooring

With used access flooring from Pro Access Floors, you can gain all the advantages of a raised floor without making a significant commercial investment. Reach out to our team online or call 800-566-7820 to inquire about current product availability and to get an estimate.