In order to protect your Raised Flooring Systems investment and insure safe operating conditions, proper maintenance is a must. Listed below details on proper Raised Flooring Systems maintenance and care:


  1. Room Temperatures between 40° and 85° degrees.
  2. Room Humidity between 40% to 70%.

Cleaning and Care:

  1. Dust or vacuum floor daily.
  2. Damp-mop only with warm water and mild multipurpose ammoniated floor cleaner. DO NOT use excessive water, Large amounts of water can weaken adhesive and cause de-lamination.
  3. Do not use abrasives, scrapers, or strong solvents to remove stains. DO NOT use wax seals on laminate surfaces.
  4. Have your Raised Flooring System professionally inspected and cleaned by a professional raised access floor maintenance technician once a year.
  5. Vacuum under-structure and sub floor at least once a year.
  6. Clean air flow and perforated panels twice a year.
  7. Vacuum carpet panels twice a week with a static dissipating vacuum.
  8. Clean carpet Raised Flooring System with dry foam/powders at least twice a year.
  9. Utilize runners and mats in high traffic areas.

Structural Maintenance:

  1. Have floor inspected yearly by a qualified Raised Flooring maintenance company to correct structural problems and maintain manufactures specifications.
  2. Rotate panels at least twice a year between high and low traffic areas.
  3. Replace damaged, warped, wearing, and de-laminated panels immediately.
  4. Replace any damaged or wearing components as needed, such as pedestals, stringers and gaskets, and panel edge trim.
  • Access Flooring Consulting fees range from $75 - $125/hour (Minimum 1 hour) depending on the Access Flooring applications and consulting services needed.