Access Floor Systems Applications - Education


The U.S. is home to over 130,000 educational facilities - and many have stood for several decades or more. Years of use and countless students later, many of these facilities are starting to struggle with outdated air distribution systems that directly impact building air quality. If your school HVAC system has trouble cycling continuous fresh air throughout the facility, our raised access flooring systems can provide you with significant advantages.

Pro Access Floors access flooring for education buildings gives you a hidden and protected sub-floor space you can set to your preferred height. These systems let you install beneficial ducting away from view without requiring structural modifications, channeling a higher amount of filtered and climate-controlled air to your classrooms and common areas. You can count on our team to create a design that delivers all the features you want to include.

High-Quality Access Flooring for Education Buildings

Our inventory is home to different systems, panel styles, and under-structure systems that you can combine to achieve your desired performance level and preferred look. Depending on how much weight you need to support, how simple you want access underneath to be, and a range of other factors, your school and administrative buildings might be suited for access flooring tiles made from:

All of our panels are 24 inches by 24 inches, and several are interchangeable for added versatility in your design. We also offer airflow panels you can include to gain up to 66% increased air transfer and further improve building circulation. Our different under-structure systems provide a range of benefits depending on your goals, including added support, simplified access, and added protection against vibration.

The Benefits of Raised Flooring for Education Buildings

Regardless of the panel type or the supporting under-structure system, a raised access floor makes it easy to get under your panels to run wires or perform building maintenance. Our tiles are all lightweight and simple to remove and replace. If you want to change the room, furniture, or equipment layout, these systems let you make adjustments without needing to remodel.

In addition to these advantages and the noticeable improvements in air quality, our access flooring for education buildings can provide a wide range of other benefits regardless of your school size or building age, including:

  • Enhanced acoustics: These advanced flooring systems help absorb voices, vibrations, and other noises to keep sounds contained in the classroom. Removing the distractions produced by the activities going on in neighboring classes will help students better focus on their lessons.
  • Cable management: With our products installed in your education buildings, you can create a safer school and tidier classrooms. Raised access floors create enclosed and protected spaces to run all your power cables and wiring for computers, projectors, A/V equipment, and classroom aids without creating trip hazards.
  • Improved aesthetics: A new raised access floor is highly customizable, and the panels are easy to move if you want to change your layout or update your design. We have several choices for education buildings, including tiles featuring many carpeting styles. We can install raised floors in solid or multicolor patterns.

Talk to the Pros About New Access Floors for Your School

If you're ready to improve your school's air quality and appearance while enjoying a list of additional advantages, talk to the pros. Pro Access Flooring is your source for quality products and professional installation anywhere in the country. Request your fast quote online, or reach out to our team by calling 800-566-7820 today for help designing your new access floor.