Access Computer Flooring for Modern Office Spaces

2022/08/28 11:18

Access Computer Flooring

In this hi-tech world, access computer floors have become a very integral part of any office space, especially in modern buildings with specialized areas for command centers, information technology data centers, and computer rooms. All of these applications typically require routing of various cables, wiring, electric supply and other mechanical services.

Computer access flooring is ideal for these applications because it provides an elevated structural floor above a concrete slab or any other solid floor. The space between the floor and the elevated floor then forms a hidden void that provides passage for IT, mechanical, and electrical services. Computer flooring can be installed in various heights ranging from three (3) inches up to five (5) feet, depending on the requirements of the room.

Raised Flooring commonly consists of a metal framework consisting of Pedestals and Stringer forming the gridded floor understructure.  The Raised Flooring understructure is adjustable offering several heights options. The framework provides the support for the removable floor panels that can be easily removed. These panels usually have a dimension of 24″ x 24″ US Imperial and 600 mm by 600 mm metric used in most other parts of the World. The height of the floor is dependent on the volume of the cables or other services that will be required in the under-floor. The average for height for office and IT applications are typically 6″ to 24″.

Raised Access Flooring panel types vary depending on the application and load requirements. Lower load rquirements such as Office and standard foot traffic applications will typically utilize the Wood Core Computer Access Floor panel.  The Wood Core panel is a steel wrapped particle board. The higher load requirement applications will typically go with the Hollow Steel or Concrete Raised Floor Panels. Hollow Steel panels are made of high-grade steel providing excellent rigidity, durability, stability with superior load performance.  The Concrete (Cementitious) Panels are similar to the Hollow Steel panels but filled with lightweight concrete, giving them additional core strength and load performance.

Computer Access Floors panels are available in several Floor Finishes including High Pressure Laminate, Vinyl, and bare steel finish designed for carpet or rubber installations.